We're a charity dedicated to improving education in India. Our supporters are doing amazing things. You can
for a Husti Project.


The Problem

Education is not of high enough quality to retain, inspire and motivate children. This is complicated by multiple layers of other issues such as hunger, finances, transport, all of which can act as barriers to attending school. 

Overseas Medical / Dental Experience

If you're 16-19 we offer the best Medical/Dental work shadowing experience in Gujarat, India. You can find out more here. All profits go towards our charitable projects and the experience is organised by UK Medical/Dental graduates who care about your goals. 


Our Solution

We strive to improve the quality of education that India's poorest students receive. We design programmes that will improve each and every child's individual holistic education, quality of life and employability. Check out our Sathod School Project, where we're currently funding to build a science laboratory and cricket pitch as well as introducing English, Girls Self-Defence & Computer Classes. 


Not all schools are the same. Not all children are the same. So our projects vary by school and region. 

We believe that interventions should be targeted and effective. Before embarking on a new project or development programme, the current issues and areas of need are properly explored. This means our projects can make a real change...and we have the data to prove it. Sometimes its hunger that deprives children of a good education, sometimes its facilities, sometimes its a lack of teachers...sometimes its' all the above and more. We research before designing our projects. 


#Elephoto Campaign

Thank you for taking part in #elephoto. Together we can make a real difference to the lives of abused children in India. Check out the project details here