We're Medical and Dental graduates that can organise your medical and dental work experience placements in Gujarat, India. 

Limited spaces available. Book soon to avoid disappointment. 

100% Bespoke

Our placement durations are entirely up to you and can be designed around your schedule. We recommend 10 days to maximise your time. Our programmes offer you work-shadowing experience in a wide variety of dental and/or medical areas.  

We understand before choosing a possible career that you need to have some knowledge of what its about. You also need guidance with university admissions. We can help with both because we're UK medical and dental graduates in our 20s. 

Food is never something to worry about in India. Trust us. We're dribbling just thinking about it...that's not strictly true as you budding dentists may know (#BDS2physiology). We told you we were dentists. 

Our confirmed itinerary will be tailored to your requirements once you've gotten in touch and we've discussed your requirements. It will include placements in dental clinics of varying standards, hospitals both private and government-funded as well as amazing local tours and sight-seeing. 


Our accommodation is safe and clean (and includes toilet roll because we understand the struggles, though we encourage you to go native). You'll most likely be with others your age at placements and tours; however, we can organise solo experiences if preferred. 

We are a UK Registered Charity

All profits are used for our projects to improve education across India. Check it out. 

We Care About You

We were medical/dental applicants just a few years ago. We get it. We want to help. 

Generally, India is a very safe country. However, foreign and young student travellers are particularly high risk. Therefore, we take extra care. This includes using only fully vetted and trusted drivers for local transport, accommodation with multiple night guards and emphasis on group travel. If you are female, we advise against solo travel in India. 

Trusted members of our team will be on hand 24/7 to provide assistance all the way and the young travellers will be completely cared for with regular check ins. 


A standard dental, medical or combined package including local tours and sightseeing around Vadodara will come to £750 all inclusive. Most of this will go towards staff and experience costs, the remainder will go to our education projects. 

Any added extra days, specific tours and requests will be extra. 

Places are limited so please book early to guarantee a spot on this unique opportunity. 


Please use the options below to answer any questions you might have.