Husti projects have focused on the betterment of education in under-funded establishments in India. Each project involves targeting ways of improving drop-out rates or helping rehabilitate children who have already dropped out.  


2015: Don Bosco Bathroom Project

From an open, unsanitary bathing space for orphaned children to a private and clean area.

Restoring dignity and providing comfort.

Bathing Facilities Before Bathing Facilities After

2015: Water Filtration Project

Thanks to you, we were able to provide clean, safe drinking water to 80 young boys.


You helped us provide:

80 mattresses for children to sleep on. Before this, children were sleeping on hard, wooden, splintered boards. 

Computers so everyone can learn. 

Sports Equipment because everyone has the right to play. 

Young abused girls are the most vulnerable in society and traditional schooling systems are ineffective.

You helped fund the 1 year operational cost at Protsahan Digital Arts Slum Centre where girls are empowered with creative education. Protsahan uses design, art, cinema, technology and digital stories to enable learning and facilitate change in the girls and in communities.

The 5 Pillars of Creativity Model at Protsahan is a tool to help bring children fighting abuse out of their shells and into a healthy learning environment. The model combines the study and use of five creative concepts of Design & Art, Photography, Digital Stories, Technology, and Cinema (films, Music, Theatre). These tools and concepts once woven together spark the interest of young children rescued from vulnerable and abusive circumstances. The children we help have usually never attended a formal school. By using innovative and hands on approaches to teaching them social and educational skills the children start learning and adapting unconsciously, all while having fun!