Project Details

Students at Sathod Village School come from some of India's poorest families; earning on average £25/month. The school lacks even the most basic education facilities and the headmaster (and the children!) have requested we help build a science laboratory and a better playground. We can do this and so much more...


We surveyed 60 boys, girls, parents and teachers from the school in order to understand their concerns and their needs. With your support we will be able to meet these needs and much more. It is our mission to help deliver a high quality, poverty-breaking education. Details of the first stage of our development programme can be found below. 

The Story..

Sathod High School was established in 1966 and for 33 years struggled to provide even the most basic of education facilities for its 100+ students. In 1999, Mr Sanjay Brambhut was chosen as Principle and inherited a school lacking in all basic tenets of an effective education. There were no tables, chairs or textbooks. No extracurricular classes, no library or predictable lighting.

The village community gathered behind Mr Brambhut and over a difficult two and half years, desks and chairs were installed in some of the classrooms. 1999 also marked the year uniforms and exercise books were first introduced for the pupils. Over the years Mr Brambhut has had to personally pay multiple school bills so the children could continue attending. Before the 10th standard exams, equivalent to our GCSEs, Mr Brambhut tutors children in his own home to help them succeed.

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