Meet the Team



Priyam Patel

Priyam founded Husti in August 2014 in response to witnessing the scale of poverty across India. He recently completed his BSc in Regenerative Medicine & Innovation Technology and is currently in his 4th year at King’s College London Dental Institute. Over his 6 years in higher education, he has won multiple awards for his tireless efforts towards improving the lives of others. Away from work, you can find him eating Pav Bhaji or staring into creative space. Read more of Priyam's story here.

Nirav Patel

Nirav co-founded Husti in August 2014. He completed his BEng in Materials Science at Queen Mary’s University, London and is currently working in Commercial Banking. Nirav’s wide network of contacts in retail and finance has opened considerable growth opportunities for Husti. His experience in securing CSR is relied upon to build a firm foundation of support. If he's not working, you can find him lifting things in the gym.


Ajay Asokan

Ajay joined Husti in 2015 as our work experience co-ordinator. He manages the Summer medical and dental work experience projects. 

Ishita Jhunjhunwala

Ishita joined Husti in 2016 as our universities project co-ordinator. She'll be organising the Summer 2017 fundraising trek. 

Ashik Zala

Ashik joined Husti in 2015 as our marketing guru. He's a social butterfly and will be responsible for our 2016 campaigns.

Shreena Amrania

Shreena joined Husti in 2016 as our schools co-ordinator. She'll be developing and maintaining partnerships with local schools.  

Georgina Selvarajah

Georgina joined Husti in 2016 as our events organiser. She'll be working towards putting on a large scale talent show in 2016-17. 


Board of Trustees

Timir Patel

Mr. Timir Patel serves as Group Head of Finance of Hometrack Data Systems Limited. A qualified chartered accountant, Mr. Patel joined Hometrack in 2000. Prior to this, he served as Head of Finance for the V&A's commercial enterprise arm. He brings years of board level corporate experience to the Husti team.

Shilpav Patel

Mr. Shilpav Patel has been a director at BwT law since 2007. His range of legal experience brings tremendous insight into corporate functioning and grant acquisition.   

Seema Patel

Mrs Seema Patel was born and raised in Gujarat, India. She's been involved with various local non-profit projects in hospitals, orphanages and schools. She brings her wide range of contacts across India and years of field experience to the team.