A Volunteer's Story: Snehalaya Shelter Home

"Snehalaya shelter home for orphaned & homeless boys is a bright and inspiring place"

My friends and I were quite nervous when we arrived, not sure about how the boys would take to having funny-looking teenagers wandering around their home, but we were immediately reassured and blown away by how welcoming and charismatic the boys were.

In fact, as soon as we stepped in to the home, the boys came running up to us to shake our hands with a genuine smile to introduce themselves. We spent the day playing board games, looking around the home and laughing with them. At midday, we served the boys lunch, and also gave them new toys including cricket bats, a ping pong table, balls and games. I think we often forget these children are just that, children – they deserve their childhood.


We do not hesitate to donate money for their education; however, sometimes we need to remember toys and activities, which will allow them to have a childhood, are also greatly appreciated.

We were also especially happy to get the children new mattresses to sleep on, seeing as before, they had been sleeping on bare pallets.

Ultimately, we were both astounded and humbled by the boys at Don Boscos’, all of whom had suffered in ways we could barely imagine, and yet who were so welcoming and kind to each other, and to us. Something, which reminded me to step back and appreciate just how lucky we are – Cliché as it is.

 Boys there are truly happy and grateful for all that they have and it is incredibly evident. I will never forget the happiness, love and kindness in Vadodara’s Don Boscos’ shelter home.

Riya, Volunteer & Husti Officer